Yamamoto Takashi Active in the Antarctic Observatory

Yamamoto Takashi Active in the Antarctic Observatory


Original article title: 南極観測隊で活躍中 景色を癒しに任務を全う (Town news Sagamihara, Tokyo Tama , 8/20/2020)

Complete mission with heal of the scenery

Yamamoto Takashi is member of the 61st Antarctic Research Expedition. He observes the change of the earth against such as aurora (astronomical phenomena). He will come back Japan in next February.

His major is design of wireless communication. He went to around the country as field engineer.

Antarctic dream

He had been interested in Antarctica for a long time and applied for the observation team in 2018. Then he joined the National Institute of Polar Research “Aerosphere Research Group” next year. His family was afraid of his first trip to Antarctic because Antarctica is much far.

He left Narita Airport in last November. He arrived at Antarctica last December 30th. Antarctica is about 14,000 kilometers away from Sagamihara.

Antenna maintenance

He is in charge of observing to change of the earth against astronomical phenomena. It is such as cosmic rays pouring from space, geomagnetism, atmospheric electric field, aurora, and solar activity. He is also in charge of maintenance of observation equipment. Antarctica snowstorms often damages these equipment.

The difficulty of working is coldness. He says, “I feel cold when the temperature is -20 degrees even if I am wearing Antarctic winter clothes. I feel like this is not the earth because Antarctica does not have vegetation. But I have the joy about the scenery that it can only be seen here.”

He will come back Japan in next February. He says, “My Antarctic life is another half. I want to do my best for the rest.”