I could not use skype with windows phone 1703 (Madosma Q501), but it became usable

I use Microsoft’s windows phone 10 mobile, which will end support in 2019. The model is mouse madosma q 501. Usability is not bad, probably because I use only mail and net.

Suddenly, skype became unusable. Not work. It is one of the main applications for me. I checked the way to recover working but there were not exist in web. However, skype can recover working afte the following proceed.

Set insider program like the below

Update 1703

You can update if you push chech for updates of the followingscreen. My setting is 1703. 15063.1689.

skype update

Update skype version to maximum.

2019/05/27 add post

I think root cause of skype error is visual memory. I post article of increaase it.


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