Pressure makes Hikikomori

Pressure makes Hikikomori


In Japan, Hikikomori is retire person from society. They seeks isolation. What makes Hikikomori?

Japanese Hikikomori

Hikikomori is isolated from society. Another words, modern hermitage. Half a million young Japanese are socially excluded. The Ministry of Japan of Health, Labor and Welfare describes Hikikomori. It is the condition that does not go to school or at work, and stays in a separate room with family for more than 6 months.

Pressure makes Hikikomori

The Japanese education system requires high effort. To pass the exam for the next educational stage, people set high expectations, give great importance to competition. In traditional Confucian social values, the education system gives the significant role, overall success, and productivity of society.

In this social framework, many students face enormous pressure by their parents and society. On the other hand, young Japanese reject this framework. They are including Hikikomori, NEETs, and a parasite. Hodo-Hodo zoku means young workers that deny promotion and maximizing leisure time. Temporary staff is similar too.

Exam in Japan

Since 1960s, the pressures on the success started earlier in the lives. Sometimes even young children have to pass an exam to go to the best preschoolers.

It is continuous until university. The best kindergarten, the best elementary, middle school, high school, and university. Many teenagers spend one year after graduating from high school for enter the university. It is said Ronin. Especially the Tokyo University exam is tough.

Fear the people

People withdraw from society by the outside pressure. In few extreme cases, they might be isolated for years or months. They have no or few friends.

Yan Sheng is Hikikomori but now he is recovering. Media documentaries captured his fear and intense psychological fear of people.

Hikikomori likes indoors, but sometimes outdoors. Retirement from society usually begins gradually. They are seem to look unhappy, become insecure, lose friends, shy, and talk very less.