Machida installed Pokefuta

Machida installed Pokefuta


Original article title: ついに100枚を突破!東京都・町田市に『ポケふた』が設置されました! (The Sankei News, 8/21/2020)

About Pokefuta in Machida City, Tokyo

Pokefuta has installed all over Japan since December 2018. Machida city installed the memorial 100th Pokefuta.

Machida installed the six Pokefuta. It shows Hitokage, Fushigidane, Zenigame, and etc. are playing happily.

Each Pokefuta is original design and the only manhole in the world.

Pokefuta wants to get much opportunity to learn about the Pokemon and the charm of Machida City.

Pokefuta will be the Pokestop of “Pokémon GO”.

Various places will continue to install Pokefuta in the future.


Pokefuta manufacturing

Pokefuta is casting. Craftsman colors carefully it in the Saga factory.

The complete manhole is powerful as lump of iron. It is completely different from what you see on the screen.

Please enjoy Pokefuta with the craftsman’s skills and feelings.