Kusunoki Erina debut as street piano youtuber

Kusunoki Erina debut as street piano youtuber


Original article title: ストリートピアノのユーチューバーとしてデビューした 楠 絵里奈さん (Town news Sagamihara, Tokyo Tama , 8/20/2020)

Strength to withstand adversity

Kusunoki said, “I have a small hand as a pianist. But I can make the original sound with my hand.” She hopes many people to know even a small hand can play a lot of songs. And this experience also uses for her piano teaching. She is proud of her effort than talent.

COVID-19 changed completely her activities. But she thought to start something new under the situation. Video distribution as youtuber. The freely playable street piano broke out her shell. Expanded the world. Her major is classical music. But she changes music genre depending on the location and audience.

She is from Machida and still live in it. She started the piano as 3 years old and had Shanghai during middle school. She learned the importance of asserting herself under overseas. And she went to Toho Women’s High School Music Department. She got confident by winning the Grand Prix at the “Kayabuki Ongakudo International Duo Competition”.

She said “I memorize the score completely and never look at the score.” This is her rules. “Because I focus score if I look at score. I want to focus audience feeling. Piano is wordless communication tool. Music gives the peace of mind even if it is hard or sad. Video distribution is new challenge. I hope my piano may be the someone basis.”