How to Rise Online English Tutor Rates

How to Rise Online English Tutor Rates


You may earn more if you use the online lesson. Do you know how to rise online English tutor rates?

Salary varies from several platforms. Usually these cost is no difference but student number is difference. Therefore you can increase your income if you teach several country’s student. For example, Asia and Europe student. Both peak time is difference. In the survey, many teachers woke up early to receive classes of international students.

Face-to-face lesson does not give large income because you can not teach many students.

How to Rise Online English Tutor Rates


Specialize is good way to earn more money. For example, diploma, academic qualification, or experience in other disciplines are your specialize. Platform for teaching subjects and specialties is often used. You can even take professional courses.

By the way, specialize is useful for offline English lesson too. You can get high English tutor salary in Japan

Increase Your Fee

This sounds like a risky but it is important for increasing the earning.

The best advice is good comments from your student. You must effort to attract your students. And you ask them to comment your profile. Others see your good teaching skill.

You can propose a little % up fee next new students. It is not better to propose to old student because they does not like fee up. Many students understand the fee if you have good skill and experience. It is better to up fee slowly for long years.

Promotion of Your Profile

If you have a good online profile, you may be more successful. Students can find your profile easily in search engines. They will know you are truly experienced teacher.

Your website does not have to be flashy. Just an information page and theme blog are enough. You can share the best tips or activities for online courses. You can allow students to receive tips for small courses. These possibilities are endless.


You can income from multi-platform when you are an online English teacher. And you have to make great online profile. You will soon increase your salary.