Japanese men like foreign women but difficult

Japanese men like foreign women but difficult


I do not know how to be friend with foreigner woman.


  • Can not to be friend
  • Reason
    1. Hesitate
    2. Not understand of words
    3. Not understand joke
    4. Not talk from me
    5. Not understand dislike
  • Conclusion

Can not to be friend

I do not see English teacher and student in café recently. Because corona virus spread over and many people are not going to café.

They were studying English with tablet before corona virus. It seem to be 1 hour.

You see, different gender is better. Many people choice the teacher with different gender. Actually, I did the lesson of café English too. I choice teacher that Dutch beautiful woman. She was high height. She was like pro model. I was fun every lesson.

But it is just teacher and student. Not friend. I want to know how to be friend with.


1. Hesitate

It is the Japanese case too. First time meeting or own boss. A little nervous is there. It is difficult to be frank.

Foreign woman is attractive because culture or looking is different from Japanese. I want to make good impression. Avoid dislike me. I want to make cool impression.

Hesitate is here. I choice no speaking because I do not want her dislike me.

Mistake! Not good impression is better than no speaking. If you fail but it is study. You will not fail next time.

2. Not understand of words

You can not understand her words. Or you can not speak what you say. No communication is here.

Resolve is simple. You must study more. Actually, basial listening or speaking is necessary.

3. Not understand joke

Joke is necessary if you make friends even Japanese case. It is tired if you go on to talk serious contents. You are necessary to make good joking with common hobby, common office, or work. If you do, smooth communication comes.

But it is difficult in the case of foreign woman. In the first place, what is funny for foreign woman? My teacher laughed a lot before. But I do not know why she lough. My English is funny? How to speak? My looking?

4. Not talk from me

When I was lessoned, my teacher control talking every time. My teacher asked me. I answered. Repeat. No start conversation from me and spread contents.

It is never to be friend. She may be tired. This relation is tired one even Japanese.

I saw this relation in the working place. Totally same thing. Foreign business man asked Japanese man. Japanese man answered him. Repeat. Finally, they each other had complaining.

Communication needs each other conversation. It is necessary to talk from this side too. It is only way to talk without hesitation.

5. Not understand dislike

The more you want to be liked , the less you speak anything. It is simple. You do not understand what she dislike.

If you are each Japanese, you can catch what she think truly by word intonation or atmosphere. But foreigner case, you hard understand what she think truly.

She is smile. But what does she think in mind? Is she fun to talk with you? You can not judge.

You can not make fail if you do not speak anything. So you will avoid to talk with her.


I summaries above, important is talk with her. Without hesitate. You do not talk because you avoid dislike by her. But it is not good result. You have to start talk her although you may be dislike by her. Next time you can improve. It is better than you hesitate.