Do you want to start rock or pop band in Japan?

My hobby is playing the drum. I am begginer. I went to music school starter course to understand drum. Often is 3day/month. I had not grab stic until go to school. Cost takes about 10,000yen, I understood standard 8beat. I left school after 2years.

Then, I wanted to find band member for hobby. I had 4 band until now. The following site is the referenc site in Japan. You are possible to find member if you want to make band.But this case is hobby case. If you pro-musician, I dont know the way.

You are possible session in studio or music bar. Studio is no audience, fee is about 2,000yen/hour. Music bar is with audience. Fee is 3,000yen x 20pcs. It is necessary to sale outside. If you over 20pcs, you get money along sales.

I can language support if you want to find band member. Please let me know.

Reference site




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