Handicapped and non-handicapped online festival in Atsugi

Handicapped and non-handicapped online festival in Atsugi


Original article title: 共生フェス24時間配信 ネットでコンサート 厚木 (Kanagawa shinbun, 8/22/2020)

Handicapped and non-handicapped festival

Atsugi in Japan hold handicapped and non-handicapped festival (Atsugi gochamaze festival) this year too. It aim to realize both can live without distinction. Atsugi hold it as online festival (24 hours from 9:00AM on AUG.22) due to avoid COVID-19.

The festival owner Ono Junko (former elementary school teacher) started in 2018. She say about handicapped as follows. “Handicapped is not unfortunate. The cause of scare is not to know them.”

The festival have exhibition of illustration, and sales handmake work by welfare office and general exhibitor under the theme of “Gochamaze” (Mix all) every year.

The festival is online festival with twitter and Facebook except exhibition of illustration (Amu Atsugi, AUG. 20-24) due to avoid COVID-19.

It programs consultation even during the midnight hours. Also viewing after finish festival will be available.