Foreign worker in Japan

Foreign worker in Japan


Today, foreign worker in Japan is 1.66million. Why does Japanese hire foreigner? What does Japanese expect foreign worker?

  • Introduction
  • Foreign worker in Japan
  • Japan need foreign worker for work force
  • Private English tutor in Japan
  • Japanese skill
  • Conclusion


I live Tokyo in Japan. I have seen many foreign workers in Japan. For example, in restaurant, in shop, in plant, etc. Also, I saw many foreign people when I worked in company. Japanese government material shows foreign worker are 1.66 million at Oct. 2019. Japanese government (Kousei roudou shou) material is here

Japanese company hire foreigner although they can not communicate fluently in Japanese. Why? What does Japanese expect for foreign worker?

Foreign worker in Japan

In my opinion, foreign worker is 2 type. First is work force type, and second is English tutor type. Here we go.

Japan need foreign worker for work force

First is work force type. Japanese company always need it because they can not hire Japanese worker. Because Japanese worker does not prefer long time work and low fee. They seek other job.

On the other hand, foreign worker is relatively vitality than Japanese. They can stand hard work. Also, they can accept low fee. Company owner likes these points.

Work force type job does not need to communicate fluently in Japanese.

Private English tutor in Japan

Second is English tutor type. Japanese worker needs English communication skill. They always seek English tutor. Recently, online tutor demand is increasing. English tutor in Japan

English tutor type job is also not need Japanese skill. Japanese prefer zero Japanese skill because Japanese want to talk in only English.

Japanese hope English communication on you even if you are not English tutor. For example, presentation for US customer, negotiate sales price with foreign country, etc.

Japanese skill

If you can communicate fluently in Japanese, you get trust by company owner. You can up your salary. Many foreign workers can not communicate fluently in Japanese. It is your advantage.


Japanese expect vitality and English skill for foreign worker. Joining Japanese company is not difficult if you have vitality and English skill. Also, it is easier if you have Japanese skill.