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What does Japanese resume format?

Publish:2022-02-08 Modify:2022-02-08

Hi there. Do you work now? If you want to work in Japan, you must ready Japanese resume format. Umm, what does it? It means Rirekisho and Shokumukeirekisho. Unfortunately, Japanese company ONLY read them. CV in English are useless. This article shows how to write them. Here we go!

What does Japan resume format?

First, Japanese resume format is 2 types. One is Rirekisho, the other is Shokumukeirekisho. If you want to be part time job, Shokumukeirekisho is not needed. If permanent job, you must ready both.

The following link shows download page Rirekisho and Shokumukeirekisho. This page is Rikunabi next, it is safety page. Many Japanese job seeker use this site.

Rirekisho - everyone needs it

In Japan, JIS standard Rirekisho is always used. JIS is Japan Industrial standard. It is simple. You write your name, birth, age, sex, e-mail, and phone. And then you fill your education history and your career history. Finally, you write your hope for job, for example, your salary, your location, working time. Sometimes you write why you apply this position.

Umm, is it difficult? No problem. The following example is your help. This case, Maeda Hanako seek new job. Her birth is 1980/1/1, 42 years old. She graduated high school in March 1999. And Graduated university in March 2002. Her career started in Marumaru kougyou in April 2002. Currently, she works in Marumaru denki. She hopes her salary 6 million yen in year.

Shokumukeirekisho - if you want to work permanent employee

If you want to be permanent, you need to ready Shokumukeirekisho too. It contains your career and what you can do. Oh, these contains in Japanese Rirekisho. Yes, but it is too short contents as you see it. Shokumukeirekisho is enough to explain your history. You write your work the focus of history or skill. Education is not written.

The following example is your help. This case, she has experience 2 companies. First is Marumaru kougyou, and second is Marumaru denki. Her storong point is cross culture between mechanical design and electrical design. also, she has management ability.


I believe you can write your Rirekisho through this article. Yes, it is difficult, but you can do it. You may concern about your proofread. I can help you. This is my fiverr gig I will make your resume in japanese with jis standard. Also, you can send me direct message too. Thank you.

See you next time!