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Is Japanese daily routine hard life?

Publish:2021-01-19 Modify:2021-05-02

Hello. I am Japanese and sadly not working now. Currently I do not get income, my future is a little cloudy! However, I have worked for 10 years after graduate school. Do you want to know daily routine in Japan? If yes, I can show you it. First is employment version, and second is non-employment version. Here we go!

Japanese daily routine: Employment

I had saw worker routine in Japan by YouTube before. It is extremely hard life, like Chinese 996(9:00-21:00, 6days). In my opinion, many Japanese do not work like it. Maybe 985 or 975(9:00-20:00 or 19:00, 5days).

The following is employment version routine. How does it compare with your country?

Japanese daily routine: Non-employment

The following is non-employment version routine. Umm, it is not any stressful life. My emotion is always free and calm. Except money!


The above is my routine. I think it is not hard life than other country. But sometimes worker is in hard life in Japan. It is connected to “Karoshi”. Why they lose their life? I will consider in next article.

Thank you for a seeing. See you next time!