You can get high English tutor salary in Japan

You can get high English tutor salary in Japan


Hi there. Do you like teaching English? Private English tutor salary in Japan is 3,000 yen per hour from Go Overseas. (Go Overseas page).

Now I live in Kanagawa, Japan. Near camp Zama. Sometime I see English lesson in café. Private lesson is not special for Japanese.

Japanese purpose

English is not necessary in Japan. Communication is only Japanese. But why do Japanese study English? Why do they hire private tutor?

First is necessary in business. Japanese workers sometimes must talk foreign sales or customer about their business. So they must use English.

2nd, Japanese want to communicate with foreign person. Why? Different culture is interesting. And foreign person is attractive for Japanese.

English tutor salary in Japan

The following is typical lesson fee per hour. My image is a little different form Go Overseas.

  • School lesson : over 5,000 yen
  • Online lesson (Skype etc.) : 1,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen
  • Minimum private tutor : 2,000 yen

Typical fee is not high. You can be English teacher in Japan if you have English skill. But you have to set typical if you do not have any attractive.

How do you get high salary? Please see the following.

  1. Can teach business English
  2. Have specially knowledge (Chemical, Art, etc.)
  3. Have teacher experience in school
  4. Native speaker
  5. Good looking
  6. Younger teacher

Business person likes No.1~No.3. If your customer purpose is not business, only fun, they prefer No.4~No.6.


You must find out customer purpose.

For example, you can teach business English. You can get high salary if your customer is business person. But you can not get high salary if your customer is not interested in business.

In this case, you must impress them any other attractive.