Buisiness chance of English teacher in Kanagawa, Japan

Now I live in Kanagawa, Japan. Workers in Kanagawa needs English skill. Especially conversation skills. Many school or private teacher teachs this workers.

Why Kanagawa workers need Engish? I think it is very clear necessary. Kanagawa or Tokyo company has mach oppotunity to talk with foreiner. Kanagawa is much foreiner conpany or transportation company. They needs to talk with foreiner in working.

Another reason, English is cool in Japan. it seem to be. My last work office, from USA, or from India, or from China, or from Korea, They needs to talk by English. But much of Japaneseworker dont have skill. In this situation, very well English is special.

Comapny help workers to get skill English. School or Skype lesson online school or private lesson teacher. I used all of them. First school lesson, it is very expensive. I think one lesson fee is over 5,000yen.Second, on line lesson, it is the best way to get english. Low cost and easy to go on study. Last private lesson, it is taken cost from 1,000 yen to 5,000yen. It is usful but a little expensive. I think skype lesson is best way. Because continuously is very important. Or it is usful if private lesson fee is down. if 1,000yen, it is very easy to study. Why lesson fee is expensive? Now situation online lesson > school lesson > private lesson.

Conversation exchange system is not good I think. Because it is not oppotunity to use English. I used a lot of Japanese situation.

Almost many study situation but Japanese is not easy to get skill English. I dont know why it. I think it may buisiness chance if low cost and surely get English.


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