Only female beautician shop in Machida

Only female beautician shop in Machida


Your hair will be cut by good looking female.


I cut my hair every month. I often think it is very bother, tired. And cost is very high! It is 5,000yen, cut and shampoo cost.

Only beautiful female

Cost is high. But it is necessary. If you are going to do it, I suggest to be cut hair with good looking female. (I think so.)

Fortunately, I found good beautician shop in Machida. Beautician shop for male. Cut cost is 1,000yen. Name is “HIGH SOCIETY”. It is seem to be start since 2019. And important point, barber is only young female.

In my opinion, it is good beautician if you want to be cut by young beautiful female. And if you are not nervous. I do not recommend if you are it.

My feeling

  • A little hard to enter in shop because it is near adult shop. But inside of shop is very clean.
  • 2 or 3 male in shop. Age is any kind, it seems to be between 20 and 50.
  • Cut time is very fast. It seem to be 20 minutes per male. You are not necessary to wait.
  • Beautician is only female. They are a little good looking. Age is likely between 25 and 30. Their dress is tastefully revealing because I went in hot day.
  • No conversation with beautician. It is not only me, everybody so.
  • They are professional. Ask me how to cut? or is it OK?
  • I feel they are good working.
  • Not good point. I think they have little time so a little careless. Put cutter or hairdryer in table with loud noise.
  • A little hurt my hair. They are a little careless. I think they are busy in cutting time.

I am satisfied well, in my opinion. No problem after finish. And cost is 1,000yen. Moreover, young good looking female cut your hair. I will go to it next time too.